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Welcome to our website.  My name is Larry Allen Lindsey, and with the help of my four-legged friend - the good looking furry one on the left in the snapshot - I have recently finished my first true-to-life historical novel.  

In the way of a brief introduction, I went all the way through high school in the snow belt east of Cleveland (Go West Geauga Wolverines!).  After four long and taxing years, I received my bachelor's degree from Princeton, then returned to Ohio to work on my masters at Kent State.


In progressive (?) order I've been engaged as a stable boy, part time gardener, a water safety instructor, a rock and roll drummer, a high school teacher / varsity basketball coach, an airport manager/pilot, a deep water diver, and finally a naval officer.  During the Vietnam War, I served on a World War II LST, cruising up and down the Mekong River.  Currently, I'm trying to be a writer, probably the most frustrating endeavor I've ever attempted.


After tiring of northeastern Ohio's hellacious winters - "Snow" is still a four-lettered word to me - I moved to sunny southern California where I have lived with the same woman for over thirty years now.  At the insistence of Geoff Peterson, my aforementioned and incredibly stubborn Corgi - who has made it abundantly clear he would never tolerate even the thought of us breaking up - I'm confident the relationship will last.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've included the following to fill in the blanks:












           Ensign Lindsey in Vietnam (1969)                   Flag LT - Escorting Service Member's Family to Awards Ceremony (1973)











                    Escorting Miss Universe (1979)                                        Between Rapids Transitting Grand Canyon (2014)

     Impersonating Walter White - Redwall Cavern  (2014)                                     Boarding Air Force One (1994)

"On the ALCAN Highway - A 9,000 mile round trip from San Diego. (2016)

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