Long Slow Target

Book Reviews

“A thrilling, yet hilarious memoir of a young naval officer’s life aboard an amphibious ship in Vietnam. A love story with all its ups and downs, and feeling of loss when it ends – except it’s about a ship. Lindsey brings humor to shipboard life, while revealing the dangerous circumstances in which he served.”
Ron McManus
Vietnam Veteran & Award Winning Author
“I was completely enthralled. Any guy who was deployed to Vietnam during this troubled time, would love this book. The general reader without these experiences, probably will judge it as a humorous book of fiction, thinking much of it is far-fetched. But I know better.”
Terry Seymour
Vietnam Vet, Lieutenant, USN

"For anyone who has worn the oakleaf, been a JO in an afloat wardroom, served on an amphibious ship, done a “WESTPAC,” or plied the brown-water rivers during the Vietnam era, there is plenty in this book to reminisce about. Long Slow Target, Porkchop Chest Candy, by Larry Allen Lindsey is a whimsical walk down memory lane with enough sea-stories to fill a seabag.

Lindsey, a retired Supply Corps Officer, begins with his decision to join the Navy and the BQC in Athens, including his fateful “orders reading.” Once aboard USS HAMPSHIRE COUNTY (LST 819), he walks you through his relieving process.

“I’d inherited a light-fingered workforce that quite possibly would get me thrown in jail; a galley with two cantankerous ovens that on occasion turned out nothing but fossilized carbon; a grill that refused to work on Tuesdays; three boilers that could produce anything but steam; a laundry with a leaky washer and an overpowered dryer that ran on two settings – Burn and Scorch; and two storerooms that flooded on a regular basis.”

This brought me back to my first tour and the shock of transitioning from theory at NSCS, to practice, in the Fleet. His humorous style serves him well, touching on topics such as inter-departmental feuds, working the grey areas to get things done, and even recalling the atmosphere in port visits to Bangkok, Guam, Yokosuka, Hong Kong, and Olongapo.

The subtitle, The True Story of Life on Board the Slowest, Ugliest, Worst Riding Ship in the US Navy, or Any Navy for that Matter, provides the reader an inclination for what is in store, but don’t be fooled. By the end of the 250 pages, just like the author, you will develop a love-hate relationship with not only the ship, but it’s mission and quirky crew.

“Superb! Gripping! I was engrossed all the way through. The combination of humor, suspense and danger rolled together to make for a great reading.”
David Baraff
GM of Ultra Voice, Ltd.
“Terrific! Lindsey superbly conveys his personal experiences in the Vietnam era, U S Navy, and does so with insight, self-awareness and humor, He adeptly captures the flavor and complexity of serving his nation during an extremely tumultuous period in American history. A wonderful and thought provoking read, not so removed from current day world events.”
James Curry
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired), DoD Instructor
“Lieutenant Lindsey continually walked a fine line between success and disaster.”
G.C. Heffner
Rear Admiral, SC, USN
”So far beyond the realm of imagination, it has to be true. And I should know, since my own existence is often imagined.”
Joseph D. Oznot
Princeton ’68. Professor Non-emeritus
“Lindsey’s manic, anti-heroic account of a rust-bucket LST during the Vietnam war is immensely engaging. If Hunter S. Thompson had served in his place, this is the memoir he might have written.”
J.I. Merritt
“Many thanks, I enjoyed reading your book. It brought back many memories of my three years in the Navy. Some of your stories are pretty raw, but Hey! That was the Navy and life on a ship.”
Benjamin McCleary
Vietnam Veteran, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USN
“You have a lot to be proud of here. Thank you for telling your story. A good read, I enjoy your style and sense of humor.”
Jason Adams
Captain, SC, USN
“You’re one damn fine writer!”
Robert N. Chester,
Former C.E.O. Lions Gate Films
“It really does bring me back to military life in Vietnam again, to the smells and the sounds and the camaraderie of men in war. Well written, the humor balances the unpleasant and scary parts perfectly.”
Mikk Hinnov
Mikk Hinnov, Vietnam Vet, E4, USA
“Really a fun read! Rings true.”
Stephen Cook
Retired Captain US Navy
“A great read, this book is a hoot! Brings back fond, and not so fond memories. Sights and smells are superbly done. Had tears running down my cheeks from laughing.”
Skip Meinke
Vietnam Veteran, US Navy